What is the Enfield Blue and Green Strategy?

    This strategy sets out our long-term approach to the protection, management and expansion of the borough’s blue and green network, with an ambition to become the greenest borough in London. 

     The strategy forms a key part of our response to the climate change emergency and covid-19 crisis to improve the quality of life and wellbeing of the borough.  It also sets out how we will be contributing towards London’s status as a “national park city” (as set out in the Mayor of London’s Environment Strategy). It will also help achieve the borough’s aim of being zero carbon by 2040.

     Alongside this strategy, we have published alongside the audit of the borough’s blue and green network, including parks, open spaces, woodlands, rivers and wildlife sites.

    Why do we need to produce a strategy?

    We need a new approach to guide the future planning and management of the borough’s blue and green network to deliver the aspirations and priorities set out in the new Council Plan. Specific advantages of having a blue and green strategy include: 

    • supporting the delivery of the adopted Local Plan (including the Core Strategy) to help determine planning applications; 
    • meeting the target of delivering a net increase of green cover of around 25%; 
    • creating positive outcomes to the covid-19 and public health emergency response, such as reduced stress and physical exercise;  
    • creating innovative solutions to address longstanding constraints, including poor east-west links, exposure to air pollution, uneven distribution of open space and vulnerability to flood risk;  
    • directing future interventions (e.g. new parks) to areas of deficiency and growth areas, especially deprived wards; 
    • partnership-working through volunteering and education programmes to encourage local ownership of projects;
    • addressing on-going management (e.g. events) and maintenance requirements;   
    • addressing the impacts of development on sites of international conservation importance; 
    • providing an up-to-date assessment of the quality, quantity and accessibility of parks, open spaces and wildlife sites against the latest standards; 
    • meeting relevant legislation (Environment Bill) and national (National Planning Policy Framework) and regional policies (London Plan). This includes a commitment to biodiversity net gain; and
    • supporting or enabling sustainable growth and high-quality development through the integration of blue-green infrastructure (e.g. Meridian Water).

    This strategy will also replace the Parks and Open Spaces Strategy and the Biodiversity Action Plan.

    How can I provide my feedback on these proposals?

    To give your comments, please register and complete our online survey.  You may only submit the survey once.

    Alternatively, you can send the completed form along with your contact details (e.g. name and organisation) via one of the following ways: 

    • Email (localplan@enfield.gov.uk
    • Post (Enfield London Borough Council, Strategic Planning and Design Team, Civic Offices, Enfield, EN1 3BR). 

    A copy of the form is available to download on the link above.

    If you have any queries or questions regarding this consultation, please contact us on 020 8379 3866.

    The opportunity to provide your feedback and ideas will close at 5pm on Monday 11 January 2021.