I'm an artist/creative based in Enfield - how do I get involved?

    Please get in touch with Clare and request to join the Create Enfield mailing list. This is a network of over 200 creatives and art organisations. Commissioning, funding, professional development, job opportunities, and cultural news and events in the borough are regularly shared with this network. If you are a local creative and would like to join the mailing list, please email clare.moloney@enfield.gov.uk and request to join. 

    I am interested in delivering a public art project in the borough and would like some advice?

    Create Enfield exists to support and encourage more public art in the borough. If you would like advice and guidance on producing and delivering a public art project in the borough, please download our Public Art Guidelines found on the top right hand corner of this project page. You can also contact Clare.Moloney@enfield.gov.uk with any questions you have.

    What public art projects has Create Enfield delivered?

    To learn more about Create Enfield projects past and present, please visit the Create Enfield Public Art Gallery (found on the right hand side of this project page) and Curate Enfield project page.