What is a bike hangar?

    A bike hangar is an on-street parking solution which houses 6 bikes within a lockable unit. Using only 2.5 metres of carriageway and sitting seamlessly within any row of parked cars, it provides secure and convenient cycle parking for residents.

    How much does it cost to rent a space in a bike hangar?

    The cost for renting a space in a bike hangar is £72 a year, plus a £25 key deposit which is refundable at the end of your rental term. 

    How do I apply for a space for my bike in the bike hangar on my street?

    Please visit https://cyclehoop.rentals/ to see where your nearest secure cycle parking space is and current availability. If there is a space available within your preferred unit please contact cycleparking@enfield.gov.uk for a space to be allocated. You will be contacted by CycleHoop direct to pay the 12 month fee of £12 plus a £25 key deposit. There is no waiting list available so please check the website regularly for constant updates.

    How many spaces can I apply for?

    You can request a maximum of 2 spaces per household. Each submission should be made individually. 

    What types of cycle parking does Enfield Council offer?

    Enfield Council offers: 

    • Cycle stands (Sheffield stands)
    • Residential cycle hangars
    • Estate cycle hangars
    • Cycle hubs at Enfield Town Station and Edmonton Green Station

    How do I access one of the Cycle Hubs?

    Our first two secure Cycle Hubs are now available at Enfield Town and Edmonton Green stations. The Cycle Hubs are managed by Cyclehoop Ltd on behalf of Enfield Council. To apply for a space, please visit: cyclehoop.rentals/how-it-works/cycle-hubs.

    How are spaces allocated in bike hangars?

    Cycle parking spaces in bike hangars are allocated to people who raise an interest in a bike hangar by contacting cycleparking@enfield.gov.uk on a first come first served basis. 

    If a space allocated to you, you will be contacted by Cyclehoop, the company manages payment and key delivery. A payment link will sent to your email. If the payment is successful, the key will be delivered to your address.