What is the Journeys and Places programme?

    Enfield Council's Journeys and Places programme enables and encourages people in Enfield to make sustainable daily journeys for themselves and for our planet. We are connecting local people to local places for a greener, healthier future.

    The programme delivers projects including town centre regeneration and place shaping projects, Create Enfield, Quieter Neighbourhoods, School Streets, walking and cycling routes, cycle training, the All Ability Cycling Hub, Dr Bike, and a programme of community events and engagement. Across the programme we engage with local people and communities to understand their local contexts, experiences, ideas, issues and other feedback to inform the design and delivery of our projects. 

    The Journeys and Places programme was previously called the Healthy Streets programme. We are still the same programme and are working towards the same goals.

    You can find out more on the Journeys and Places website.

    Will the group be involved in other Council services and areas of work?

    No, the Disability Reference Group will only focus on projects delivered through the Journeys and Places programme. Council officers will be able to help members understand how to feed back on other Council services and areas of work, however these will not be the focus on the group or discussions had.

    How many meetings each year will there be?

    We expect there to be approximately 3 meetings each year. This may change depending on what projects are being delivered by the Journeys and Places programme at the time.

    How long will the meetings last for?

    Meetings will last for no more than 1.5 hours. We will provide a short break but let the Chair know if you might need additional breaks. We except there to be approximately 3 meetings each year, but there may be up to 6.

    Will group members be paid?

    Following attendance at a meeting and completion of any preparatory reading or tasks, members will be remunerated at £100 which will be paid by bank transfer. If meetings are held in person, or if any onsite activity is requested, then travel expenses will be covered by way of reimbursement by bank transfer upon presentation of receipt. More information is detailed in the Terms of Reference.

    Compensating community members for their time is being offered to recognise the time, energy and commitment given to the group and the Journeys and Places programme by members. This is a common form of incentive in other groups and forums for community engagement. The group will be asked to attend meetings and consider materials or questions outside of meetings. We will not be offering compensation to anyone outside of the membership of the Disability Reference Group. 

    I'm a personal assistant. Can I apply?

    Yes, personal assistants to Deaf and Disabled people can apply to the Journeys and Places Disability Reference Group. We will be looking for the group to be made up primarily of Deaf and Disabled people but welcome the experiences of personal assistants. 

    Where can I get support in applying?

    If you require any assistance with applying, staff at the Council’s Community Hubs are available to help you. There are drop-in face-to-face sessions between 9.30am and 2.30pm Monday to Friday at our Community Hubs at Edmonton Green and Enfield Town Libraries. There is no need to book, just turn up.

    You can also email us at journeysandplaces@enfield.gov.uk or call us on 020 8132 2504 to submit your application.

    What are the Terms of Reference for the Disability Reference Group?

    The Terms of Reference outline the purpose of the Journeys and Places Disability Reference Group and the role of members, the Council, secretariat and Chairperson. The Terms of Reference can be found here. Group members will be asked to agree to and sign the Terms of Reference upon being invited to join the group.

    Have the Council worked with Disabled people to inform the Disability Reference Group?

    We have worked with Transport for All (TfA) to develop the concept of the group and Terms of Reference. TfA worked with us to ensure we are establishing a group that will enable meaningful engagement between Deaf and Disabled people and the Journeys and Places programme. TfA use the Social Model for Disability which on which we have based our language and approach.

    We have appointed Steer to act as the Secretariat for the group. They are supporting the recruitment process and will assist in planning meetings and liaising with members.

    I have an assistance dog, can they attend meetings with me?

    Yes, assistance dogs are able to attend meetings. We will be asking shortlisted volunteers what support they require to attend to understand their individual requirements to fully participate in the Disability Reference Group.

    I have a personal assistant, are they able to attend?

    Yes personal assistants are welcome, please let us know in advance so we can ensure the room is a sufficient size to accommodate everybody. They will not be renumerated. 

    Will I be able to have an interpreter to assist me at meetings?

    Yes we will be able to arrange an interpreter for any members who request this. Please make this clear on your application. 

    I need to drive to the meetings, is there parking available?

    Yes you can park at the council offices (Civic Centre, Silver St, Enfield EN1 3XA) but this needs to be pre-booked so please let us know in advance of the meetings. The height restriction for the carpark is 2.1m.

    I have a large electric wheelchair, can this be accommodated?

    Yes, we will ensure that the room has sufficient space but please let us know if there are any adjustments to make things comfortable for you.