Is there a cycle lane being built on the on-carriageway section of the route?

    There are no proposed plans to install a dedicated cycle lane on the roads within this scheme. The proposals for the on-carriageway route are measures to make the streets safer for people walking and cycling. For example, a zebra crossing with parallel cycle crossing will help people cycling cross the road safer. However, there is a proposal for a shared-use lane going along the New River (off-carriageway). 

    What is a shared-use lane?

    Shared-use lanes are designed to accommodate both people walking and cycling. This scheme has proposed an unsegregated shared-use lane along the New River whereby people walking and cycling can freely mix and share the full width of the route. Pedestrians have right of way.

    When will the entire route be built?

    Subject to approvals, the entire route is planned to be completed by 2024.  

    When will construction begin?

    Construction for the on-carriageway section is currently underway. The construction for the off-carriageway section is scheduled to begin in early 2023.

    Is the route along the New River also being built?

    The route along the New River is currently in the design phase and will be subject to a planning consent application.

    Which side of the New River does the shared-use lane run on?

    The current proposal is for the shared use lane to start at the end of Tenniswood Road, where the entrance to the New River is. The proposed lane will then be on the Western side of the river (the same side of the Adath Yisroel Burial Ground) and then it changes to the Eastern side of the river after crossing at Carterhatch Lane. The lane will remain on the Eastern side leading to Broxbourne.

    Will emergency services still be able to access the roads?

    Yes, emergency services will still have access to all roads, they will not be impacted by the active travel route. They have been consulted throughout all stages of the project.

    Will refuse services still be able to access the roads?

    Yes, refuse vehicles will continue to be able to collect refuse from all residential properties. This was an operational requirement of the design.

    Will residents be consulted? If so, how can we leave our feedback?

    Yes, there have been and will continue to be opportunities for the residents to provide feedback on the design, including through statutory consultation, drop-in sessions and webinars.   

    Furthermore, the Council have consulted with emergency services and Transport for London during the development of the proposed route and continue to do so.

    Statutory consultation for the on-carriageway section of the route was undertaken in February 2022. Feedback was taken on board and design changes were made to the Tenniswood Road / Willow Road intersection. Further statutory consultation will be undertaken in November 2022 for the updated Tenniswood Road / Willow Road design.

    Statutory consultation will also be undertaken in late 2022 for the cross over points of the New River Path (i.e. Carterhatch Lane, Goat Lane, Turkey Street and Bullsmoor Lane).