What is the purpose of this project?

    Enfield is improving its active travel routes. There are numerous active travel routes that run from north to south throughout the borough; however, there are limited east to west routes to connect to these facilities. This project would help address this issue as it would connect to the Grove Street project with Cycleway 1 and to the A10 and the Great Cambridge Roundabout cycle infrastructure. Ultimately, this project would be a part of a larger east-west network to create a future Cycleway (number 55) that would span from the Meridian Water development to Southgate Circus.

    When will construction begin?

    This project is still in the early stages and subject to funding. No date has been set to begin construction at this time as it is subject to funding. Key dates will be made available to the public once they are known.

    Will residents be consulted? If so, how can we leave our feedback?

    Yes. A webinar is being held on 2 February 2023. 

    There will be further opportunities for the residents to provide feedback on the design, including through statutory consultation, drop-in sessions and additional webinars as the project progresses. Dates for these will be advised as the project progresses.

    Additionally, you can provide feedback on the map provided on the Let's Talk Page. 

    Will emergency services still be able to access the roads?

    Yes, emergency services will still have access to all roads. They will be consulted throughout all stages of the project.

    Will refuse services still be able to access the roads?

    Yes, refuse vehicles will continue to be able to collect refuse from all residential properties. This is an operational requirement of the design.

    How are you ensuring the areas affected by the project will be accessible for people with disabilities and limited mobility?

    Designs will follow available guidance to ensure people with disabilities and limited mobility are not negatively affected by this project. An Equality Impact Assessment will also be prepared to consider the impacts of the design on each of the protected characteristics outlined in the Equality Act 2010.