Can I apply for a parklet outside of my business?

    Parklets sponsored by and placed outside commercial premises are not currently available but may form a separate future programme that will be developed out of the lessons learned from this trial.

    Who can use a Parklet?

    A parklet is a public space that can be used by everyone.

    Who takes care of a parklet?

    The supplier will carry out all watering and maintenance needs, whilst the council will maintain cleanliness.

    How will the Parklet be evaluated?

    • Pedestrian count data / cycling counts
    • Number of users per hour / day
    • Local business feedback – host location and surrounding businesses
    • Understanding of average spend increases in location shops
    • Intercept survey of users
    • Ad-hoc observations by officers

    How are parklets funded?

    The Palmers Green Parklet has been funded by Transport for London via the boroughs Local Implementation Plan.

    Are parklets good for local business?

    Hammersmith BID, cafes reported a 30% growth in sales following Parklet installations.

    Why is a parklet being trialed now?

    The recent implications of COVID-19 has resulted in a desire for more space on London’s streets, and interest in parklets has consequently surged. 

    To support the recovery from Coronavirus, the Government is driving forward a programme to put in place temporary walking and cycling schemes to help people get out and socially distance.

    Social distancing advice highlights the lack of safe space in some areas to allow people to make essential trips and exercise in the safest possible way. Prioritising space for activities and focussing on making it safe and easy for people to exercise in their own neighbourhood will help people to make these essential journeys via active means.

    This is Enfield's Council's response to creating space to sit and enjoy the outdoors in a a new setting, whilst helping to support more trips to our local shops and town centres.

    What are the benefits of a Parklet

    Parklets offer solutions to identifiable issues when it comes to the way our streets are designed and how people interact with them. Around the world parklets have demonstrate the ability to provide access to a wide variety of facilities such as:

    • Mobile gym equipment
    • Mobile parklets that tour neighbourhoods
    • Multiple Parklets that create corridors of colour and greening
    • Extensions to trading areas to cafes bars or restaurants.

    The principle of a parklet is to repurpose public space to encourage social interaction. 

    • Promoting access to walking and cycling
    • Activating local retail areas by engaging the local community
    • Supporting local economic growth 
    • Creating new and vibrant public spaces providing local amenities.
    • A place of interest, activity and education.

    How are parklets monitored?

    We will monitor the project at various stages to understand how the public interact with the Parklet. We are using a Smart Lenz sensor, which is a lamppost mounted sensor. 

    This technology is not CCTV equipment but it includes a camera and CPU which analyses the camera footage to collect a wide range of traffic and travel information

    We will be capturing the following data: 

    • Pedestrian count / cycling counts
    • Number of users per hour / day
    • Survey of users
    • Ad-hoc observations by officers
    • Out of business hrs monitoring to ensure the project does not attract loitering or anti-social behaviour.

    We will also monitor the activity between users of the parklet and the local business to understand if a parklet supported an uplift in customer base.

    No vehicle or personal data is obtained, and the video footage is not saved