Manor Road and Halifax Road Permit Parking Area

Why is this needed?

Residents, shoppers, local businesses and others currently compete for limited on-street parking space in the area.

Permit controls would offer better balance to local parking arrangements and give priority to residents of Manor Road and Halifax Road.

How will it help?

A PPA is an area where residents are given parking priority over other drivers through a permit system.

Normally resident permit parking schemes have posts and signs and are marked with white parking bays and yellow lines across driveways, as with the nearby Enfield Town Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ). However, in small areas where there is little through traffic a Permit Parking Area (PPA) provides a better solution for residents. PPAs consist of just signs located at all entry points, no other markings or signs are provided. This enables residents, should they wish, to park in front of their own driveway and results in less street clutter.

In light of these benefits, and taking previous consultation responses into account, we are now proposing a PPA for Manor Road and Halifax Road, operating Monday to Saturday 8am to 6:30pm. Permits will be specific to this area and will not be valid in the adjoining Enfield Town CPZ, and vice versa.

This consultation provides you with the opportunity to make objections to the traffic management orders that need to be made if the scheme is to be introduced

Permit prices:

The current annual permit prices are shown below. Permits are free to blue badge holders.

Engine Size (cc)

1000 or less

1001 to 1600

1601 to 1999

2000 to 2499

2500 to 2999

3000 or more

Book of 10 visitor permits

Annual Cost








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