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  • Amy Lamé visits Angel Edmonton

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    London’s Night Czar, Amy Lamé, visited Fore Street in Angel Edmonton in March 2022 as part of a series of Night Surgeries being held across London as the GLA works towards making London a 24 hour city.

    The night surgery was an incredible opportunity to hear about the community-led events and projects and Council plans underway to develop and diversify the high street’s cultural, economic and social life at night, building upon projects supported by the Mayor’s Good Growth and High Streets for All Challenge funds. Enfield Council introduced Amy Lamé to a diverse range of local businesses, residents and community groups to hear about their challenges faced at night, and the opportunities to work together to activate the public realm with light and life after dark.

    Fore Street was selected as the borough’s night time strategy pilot project, with Enfield Council and their partners seeking to capitalise on projects already underway to develop the town centre’s night time economic and cultural vitality. Enfield Council will use Fore Street as a blueprint for developing night time actions and projects across the borough’s other town centres.

    A range of new evening and night time initiatives have been piloted along Fore Street, including Enfield Winter Lights and a project to transform Fore Street Library into the Living Room Library, funded up the Good Growth Fund.