What is a Beryl Bay?

    A Beryl Bay is a dedicated parking space for Beryl Bikes. The bays are clearly marked on the ground in distinctive Beryl green with a bike symbol, so there’s no missing them.

    The Beryl team will work to make sure that bays are replenished with bikes, so all you need to do is open the app and find the nearest one to you. Riders can lock their bike in a bay at the end of a ride.

    How are Beryl Bays chosen?

    Beryl Bays are carefully chosen By Beryl and Enfield Council to make sure that riders can easily find a bike when they need one, and also have a safe and convenient place to lock their Beryl Bike at the end of a journey.

    The Beryl Bays are designed to ensure that bikes are not obstructing pavements and access for pedestrians, especially those using wheelchairs, mobility devices, or with prams.

    Why do you need my input?

    Beryl Bikes are for everyone in Enfield and the residents of the borough know the area best. We want you to tell us to where you would like to have a Beryl Bay placed. Maybe you would like to start cycling to work and would like a bay near your office, or there is no bay close to your favourite park. By nominating a location for a bay, you can help us develop the best possible distribution of Beryl Bays and make it as easy as possible for Enfield residents to cycle using Beryl Bikes.