Permits for Blue Badge Holders & increased use of ANPR (cameras)

As a result of the consultation and Equalities Impact Assessment during the trial period of the Fox Lane Area Quieter Neighbourhood, the decision report for this project recommended consideration of measures to improve access for residents with disabilities and for those with caring responsibilities through potential exemptions. In addition to this, the decision report recommended consideration of increased permeability for the emergency services by expanding the use of camera enforcement rather than physical measures.

The Council is therefore proposing to:

  • To convert a number of the bollard-controlled closures to no motor vehicle restrictions enforced by camera.

  • Exempt Dial-a-Ride vehicles from the camera enforced filters.

  • Introduce a permit system to exempt permitted vehicles from the camera enforced filters.

Blue Badge Holders residing within the “FOX Permit Zone” will be eligible to apply to the Council for a permit under a category of the ‘FOX’ permit. This permit could either apply to their own vehicle or they could nominate someone else's vehicle where a user of that vehicle has a role in the care of a Blue Badge Holder within the Quieter Neighbourhood area. This caring role could include transportation of the Blue Badge Holder and/or regular visits to the Blue Badge Holder’s home address.

The FOX Permit Zone is defined by the area in the file named "Fox Lane Area QN - Proposed FOX Permit Zone". You can view the FOX Permit Zone on the right-hand side of the page under the Document Library.

In addition to FOX permit holders, Dial-a-Ride vehicles will be exempt from the ‘no motor vehicle’ restrictions at the camera enforced filters. Dial-a-Ride vehicles were identified during the equalities assessment carried out during the trial period as a means of transport that some people rely upon or prefer, for example disabled people and people aged 65 and over.

Current exemptions for emergency service vehicles and Council waste collection vehicles will continue to apply.

These proposals would be likely to result in a small increase in vehicles on the roads within the Fox Lane Area Quieter Neighbourhood. There are approximately 200 Blue Badge Holders within the Fox Permit Zone. Whilst one of the objectives of the Fox Lane Area Quieter Neighbourhood project is to reduce motor vehicle movement in the area, the potentially small increase in motor traffic as a result of these permits is considered a reasonable response to the issues identified in the Council’s Equality Impact Assessment.

The Council will conduct future engagement with residents and disability groups on the potential for the development of this initial approach to permits. This could include the creation of additional categories to the FOX permit such as other carers, and the use of exceptional exemptions in particular circumstances. The intention is to conduct this further work in partnership with other North London local authorities, enabling consideration of how exemptions may work across borough boundaries, where this is relevant.

You can view the proposed Order here. If you wish to object to the proposed Order or make other representations, you can:

Your response must be completed by 11.59pm on Wednesday 13th April 2022.

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