Update 8 February 2022

A decision on the Fox Lane Area Quieter Neighbourhood (QN) has been published and can be found here. The decision has been made by the Leader of Enfield Council to make the traffic orders permanent. This means that the measures that have been trialled in the Fox Lane Area QN will stay in place.

The decision has been made in the knowledge that:

  • A subsequent report is to be produced as soon as possible which explores mitigation measures to improve access for residents with disabilities through potential exemptions and includes consideration of those with caring responsibilities.
  • The Council makes some small scale and short-term adjustments to the Southgate Circus roundabout to assist traffic flow.
  • The Council explores funding opportunities to conduct a more detailed design review of the options for Southgate Circus, accepting that this would require significant investment / partnership with TfL and therefore could not be delivered in the short to medium term.
  • Resident views are gathered on a future proposal to alter the current modal filter on the Meadway. Considerations may include the removal of this restriction entirely, or to operate it on a timed basis.
  • The filters on The Mall, Selborne Road and Oakfield Road are investigated with a view to consider whether to convert them from a bollard to a camera controlled filter, increasing permeability for the emergency services and for any future exemptions.
  • A further review is undertaken of traffic speed and volume on some roads outside of the scheme area to consider any additional mitigating actions.
  • A post-project monitoring plan is developed to continue to carry out some high-level monitoring in this area of the Borough.
  • Potential measures to mitigate some increases in bus journey times are reviewed.

The decision has been made following a trial in the area, including a period of statutory consultation and monitoring activities. The decision is subject to call-in as per the Council’s scrutiny process. More information on this process can be found here.

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