What is the purpose of this project?

    The New Southgate Station to Palmers Green Station Walking and Cycling Route is proposed to provide a walking and cycling connection in the borough, enabling more people to walk, wheel and cycle for their daily journeys. If delivered it will connect Cycleway 20 (C20) with the New Southgate and Palmers Green railway stations as well as Arnos Grove underground station. This route will also connect to the Fox Lane Quieter Neighbourhood (QN) through Old Park Road. 

    When will construction begin?

    This project is still in the early stages and subject to funding. No date has been set to begin construction at this time as it is subject to funding and approvals. Key dates will be made available to the public once they are known.

    Will residents be consulted? If so, how can we leave our feedback?

    Yes, residents will be engaged early on to inform the designs, and if progressed the project will be subject to statutory consultation. 

    In April 2023,a letter to residents will be sent out inviting residents to a webinar as well as a link to this page where they can leave their feedback on the map provided on the Let's Talk Page. 

    There will be further opportunities for the residents to provide feedback on the design, including through statutory consultation, and additional webinars as the project progresses. Dates for these will be advised as the project progresses. 

    Will emergency services still be able to access the roads?

    Yes, emergency services will still have access to all roads. They will be consulted throughout all stages of the project.

    Will refuse services still be able to access the roads?

    Yes, refuse vehicles will continue to be able to collect refuse from all residential properties. This is an operational requirement of the design.

    How are you ensuring the areas affected by the project will be accessible for disabled people and people with limited mobility?

    An Equality Impact Assessment will also be prepared to consider the impacts of the design on each of the protected characteristics outlined in the Equality Act 2010, including disability and age.