What is the etiquette for an online workshop?

    Due to Government restrictions introduced because of the COVID-19 pandemic, these workshops will take place on Zoom which is an online video conferencing technology. Whilst we would usually host a workshop in-person, we hope to make this a meaningful experience which provides participants with excellent opportunities to provide their ideas and feedback.

    Prior and during the workshop, please take the time to do the following to help make the session runs as seamlessly as possible:

    • Test your technology before you attend the session to ensure it works. This is probably the most important guideline of them all to ensure you can fully participate in the workshop. 
    • Please aim to arrive at the workshop five minutes early to ensure we can get underway on time.
    • We would advise the use of headphones if you have them, as this helps to minimise any interference of background noise when you speak.
    • Please mute your microphone when you are not speaking to minimise background noise.
    • Whilst not essential, it is preferable for participants to have their cameras on as it helps facilitate interaction between participants
    • When requesting to speak in as session it is best to raise your hand to signal to the facilitator that you would like to speak.
    • You can ask questions of the facilitator by using the chat function in Zoom.

    If, for whatever reason, you are unable to participate in the session due to technological issues, the central facilitator will make contact with you separately to provide you with another means of providing your ideas or feedback into the process. Alongside the online workshops, there is a map on the Let’s Talk Enfield Town page where you can contribute your ideas to the process.

    How am I expected to participate in the workshops?

    As outlined in the aim of the workshop, this process will be collaborative. That includes collaboration between members of the project team and participants in the workshop, as well as between workshop participants. To facilitate this, the following will help us deliver on the overall aim of the session:

    • Everyone’s input is equally valued 
    • Only one person should speak at a time and please use the “Raise Hand” button to get the attention of your facilitator (please note the session will be held on Zoom). 
    • Participants should be respectful to each other, which means listening to the input of one another without interruption
    • Participants should also be respectful to the facilitator whose job is to keep the group on track, in terms of the content of the discussion, and the timing of the session
    • Stay on topic and avoid tangential issues as we have a limited amount of time to deliver on the workshop aim.

    If all participants are able to follow the ground rules above it will make for a productive online workshop which will help us to get the best outcome for the future of Enfield Town Station plaza! 

    What engagement have you done previously?

    The Let’s Talk Enfield Town project was launched at the Dugdale Centre in September 2019. From September 2019 through to December 2019 a series of workshops, pop-ups, meetings and digital engagement took place to find out from residents, businesses and visitors to Enfield Town what types of improvements they would like to see delivered in the area. Over 1,000 people were engaged through one of the activities that were organised. The ideas and suggestions provided were analysed and informed the five Enfield Town Design Principles for the Town Centre, 

    The Engagement Findings report can be found in the Documents Library of the Let's Talk Enfield Town page. You may wish to read this in advance of the workshop you participate in, although it is not essential.

    What are the Enfield Town Design Principles?

    The five Design Principles were established following engagement with the community in 2019. They have been and will be used to shape the improvements that are brought forward for Enfield Town in the coming months and years. These will help to shape our discussion at the Fountain Island workshop session. 

    The Enfield Town Design Principles are:

    Enfield Town: 

    • Is safe for all 
      • People of all ages feel safe at all times of day and night 
      • Pedestrians are prioritised in an environment that is accessible to everyone and where motor traffic is slowed through the town centre
    • Has a vibrant economy
      • There is a broad mix of retail options 
      • The success of the town centre provides local job opportunities
    • Is a great place to be
      • There are spaces for the community to gather and enjoy events 
      • There is a programme of activities and events to complement the shopping offer
    • Offers transport choices 
      • People are able to travel into the town centre on regular public transport services 
      • Facilities are provided to enable people to choose to walk, cycle or drive into the town centre
    • Celebrates its heritage 
      • The Market Square forms the heart of the town centre 
      • We respect and promote our history