What is a school street?

    A school street is a timed street closure that restricts access for motor vehicles at school drop-off and pick-up times. With money from TfL's London Streetspace Programme, we are installing temporary School Streets to support the return of children to education in September under government social distancing guidelines.

    Why are we introducing a School Street?

    A school street will benefit our children by creating safe spaces for social distancing at drop-off and pick-up times, encourage active travel to school, and to support people to travel without the reliance on public transport.

    At what time will the streets be closed?

    Current operating times at 8.15-9.15am and 2.45-3.45pm Monday-Friday during term time only. We will be gathering feedback on each School Street trial and can adjust these times if necessary.

    Who will be exempt from the closures?

    Residents (vehicles registered to an address on the street only), blue badge holders and emergency vehicles will be exempt from the road closure. We will continue to work with the schools to ensure that anyone with specific needs are not adversely affected.

    How will the closure be enforced?

    Volunteers from the school community will marshal the street closures using gates to restrict access during the hours of operation. Enforcement officers will monitor compliance at all schools.

    Will I get a fine if I enter the School Street?

    The scheme is a legal order to not enter the School Street area, so yes, you can receive a fine if an enforcement officer is on site. Enforcement officers are on rolling patrols at each site to ensure compliance.

    How will parents, carers and children with limited mobility be affected by the School Street?

    The School Street will make is easier for parents, carers and children with reduced mobility to access school by reducing congestion. Those holding valid blue badges will be exempt from the vehicle restrictions.

    Will parents be allowed to park in the street before the closure time and then leave during the restrictions?

    No. Only exempted vehicles are allowed to leave or enter the street during the restrictions. Parents are strongly encouraged not to park on the school street.

    Will the School Street cause displacement of traffic?

    Through the introduction of a School Street, the total volumes of traffic near to the school gate are expected to decrease during drop-off and pick-up times. It is difficult to predict exactly how much traffic will be reduced, however, similar schemes in the London Borough of Camden and the London Borough of Hackney have achieved reductions of 43% and 34% respectively.

    How will the scheme be governed or managed?

    A Memorandum of Understanding will be drawn up between the council and the school, detailing both party’s ongoing roles and responsibilities. This will ensure the success of the scheme beyond the initial implementation.

    It is essential that I drive my child to school, this scheme is designed to penalise me.

    The objective of the project is to create a street that is safer for social distancing, healthier and more enjoyable for children travelling to school; not to penalise parents. 

    We will be issuing park and stride leaflets to each school so that parents can park a 5 -10 minute walk away from the school gates.

    How will visitors know about the School Street?

    Advanced Warning Signage will be installed on the approach to the schools informing road users of the vehicle restrictions. The signage will be open during the hours of operation. We have written to the wider area to inform them of the schemes operation and to where possible avoid travelling in the areas of the closure during the operating times.

    For planned meetings at either the school , we recommend that staff inform visitors of the road restrictions beforehand. 

    How will we measure success?

    We will undertake a series of monitoring activities to understand the impact of the School Street. Traffic and air quality data will be collected before and during the delivery of the School Street to assess whether there has been an improvement to air quality or a reduction to traffic outside school. Parents, residents and staff will be invited to fill out a perception survey and pupils will participate in hands-up surveys before and after the School Street is implemented. This data will enable us to understand how the scheme has affected pupils’ experience of drop-off and pick-up and the healthiness of the street outside school.