1. Why has a new project been launched?

    As part of Enfield Council’s Journeys and Places programme, we are reducing the numbers and speeds of motor vehicles that travel through residential-only areas to improve road safety near homes as well as improve the air quality in these local areas.

    Through feedback from residents and traffic data in the area, Enfield Council has initiated a project to focus on the Queen Elizabeth Drive, Wynchgate and Park View area. 

    Previous traffic data was collected and analysed under the Fox Lane Area Quieter Neighbourhood project. You can view a copy of the analysis in the Document Library on this page.

    2. What is the aim of the project?

    Enfield Council anticipate the project would involve a detailed review of traffic volumes and speeds in the area, gathering of community input of issues in the area, and consideration of potential improvements.

    3. When will the project start?

    Enfield Council will apply for funding to progress this project next financial year (from April 2024), further updates will be published In the News Feed on this page.