What is Let’s Talk Enfield Town?

    Enfield Council is in the process of developing exciting plans for the future of Enfield Town. We want to create a vibrant major town centre, whilst respecting the town’s unique character The vision for the future of Enfield Town is being developed in collaboration with the local community. 

    Let’s Talk Enfield Town is an opportunity for the community to share ideas and help shape the future vision for Enfield Town. Let's Talk Enfield Town will involve of a series of surveys, pop-up events, and community workshops. We are also working closely with key stakeholders in Enfield Town to ensure the voices of people with disabilities, business owners and residents groups are represented in the consultation.

    Why has Council launched the project now?

    Having recently been awarded £6 million of funding through Transport for London’s Liveable Neighbourhoods programme, Enfield Council is launching Let’s Talk Enfield Town to collect ideas from the community and identify opportunities for improvements to the borough. The first phase will run from September through to October 2019. 

    What is the ‘Liveable Neighbourhoods’ programme?

    Liveable Neighbourhoods is a Transport for London initiative that gives boroughs the opportunity to bid for funding for long-term projects that encourage walking, cycling and the use of public transport. The scheme aims to make areas healthier and more sustainable by delivering attractive, healthy, accessible and safe neighbourhoods for people.

    Enfield Council bid for a portion of Liveable Neighbourhoods 2019 funding and was awarded £6 million to improve the town centre, support businesses and improve the air quality in Enfield Town.

    What improvements is Council considering?

    The first phase of Let’s Talk Enfield Town will focus on how people spend time in Enfield Town and get to, from and around Enfield Town. Enfield Council will be working closely with the community to seek their ideas on what they would like to see for the future of Enfield Town. This could include improvements to public spaces, more sustainable travel options and ideas for a brighter town centre. Ideas generated through Let's Talk Enfield Town will be shaped into proposals and a second phase of consultation will seek comments on these proposals.

    How can I share my ideas?

    Enfield Council is actively seeking feedback from local residents and businesses. You can contribute by completing the survey, attending a pop-up event, or attending a community workshop.

    What works are currently planned for Little Park Gardens?

    What works are currently planned for Little Park Gardens?

    We want to open up and improve the public space around the toilet block and bus station with new natural stone paving, enhanced planting, lighting and seating. The location is a gateway to Enfield Town high street from the west and forms a link to the bus station waiting area. Future plans for this location will seek to better connect the site with an improved direct pedestrian crossing to link with the Library Gardens.