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  • New parklet opens in Southgate

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    Enfield Council has installed a parklet seating area on the footway on Chase Side, as part of a wider effort to encourage sustainable transport and protect the environment. Enfield Council’s Healthy Streets team and Town Centre Development team created the parklet outside 56/58 Chase Side in Southgate which will serve businesses by creating space for people to rest and relax while shopping or dining in the local area.

    The parklet provides a public space that encourages social interaction and promotes walking and cycling. They aim to revive retail areas by engaging the local community and supporting the local economy.

    The timing of the installation coincides with the post-COVID-19 re-opening of town centres in the borough; and compliments the support the Council has provided to local businesses during the pandemic. The Council’s objective is to support local businesses, increase footfall, promote sustainability and enhance the five priority town centres in the borough by introducing more green, welcoming spaces.

    The parklet is just one of many initiatives to be launched in the area. The Southgate Task Force has been established with the support of local volunteers, and will focus on making the town centre cleaner, safer and greener. Dionne John from The Southgate Task Force said: “The new parklet increases the green space in Southgate and is a great place for the community to connect with each other.”

    Information from other trials suggest that the delivery of a parklet boosts trade to local businesses such as coffee shops, cafes and restaurants by 30%, by attracting people to the area by creating a seating and social setting.

    Parklets are becoming popular around London and the world as they provide a space for people to stop and rest while visiting an area, somewhere to have lunch or meet a neighbour, combined with plants or trees for shade and to make the space more inviting to spend time.

    Click here for further information and to make suggestions for future locations for parklets in the borough.

  • First phase of street works for Southgate town centre complete

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    Street improvement works in Southgate town centre have now been completed. As part of the ongoing town centre capital improvement programme, contractors carried a range of improvement works which included applying fresh paint to all guard-railings, lampposts and bollards along Chase Side and outside the station.

    Further improvements to the streetscape are due to take place in Spring 2022, and we welcome any feedback from the local community on what else you think needs improving in the area, get in touch by emailing

  • Art at our feet

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    Two of five new pedestrian crossings designed by local Enfield artists have been revealed as the finale of the Enjoy Enfield Summer of Arts programme. Enfield Council commissioned the artists to create colourful, playful designs to appear in Angel Edmonton, Edmonton Green, Enfield Town, Palmers Green and Southgate, as part of the celebration of the arts and culture in the borough and also as a long-term initiative to see how art can transform public spaces.

    The first crossing to be revealed was in Enfield Town, designed by Hasan Bölücek, a member of the British Alevi community who is a visual artist, illustrator and art teacher. The second crossing was designed by Dan Maier, a resident of Enfield who has worked in venues such as Harvey Nichols and the National Theatre and who also launched the much-loved Art Trail event in Southgate and Palmers Green.

    Commenting on her Southgate pedestrian crossing, Ms Maier said: "Southgate has a huge amount going for it but the high street needs help more than ever…I wanted to create something bright and cheerful, introducing the essence of nature and its vibrant colours into our urban landscape. The colour scheme references the rainbows that have been so prevalent during lockdown, symbolising peace and hope for the future. I've abstracted elements from the natural world to create a striking artwork which I hope will bring some joy, spark imagination and once again put Southgate on the map."

    Learn more about the artists here.